Cleaning and Performance Restoration of the Air Handlers (AHU) and Fan Coil Units (FCU)

The heart of any marine ventilation system is the air handler, or air handling unit. A filthy air handler promotes rapid bacterial contamination and mold spores widespread. The hygiene of the air handling unit is a key factor while addressing any kind of indoor air quality issue onboard.

Crew members and yacht engineers are constantly having a hard time trying to periodically maintain the air handlers as well as the fan coil units mainly because of the lack of access and the limited space.

Our minimal-disassembling CIP (clean-in-place) system allows us to safely clean and sanitize the entire exterior casing as well as the inner-sides of any type of marine air handler and/or fan coil unit including the system coils, fan/blower motor, internal chambers, fan belt and bearings, evaporators, drain pans and air filter housing tracks. Moldy insulation and electrical lines will be also sanitized. Lastly, custom-sized marine grade filters will be replaced in all units.

Our experienced technicians along with the latest technology on ventilation systems hygiene will clean, sanitize and restore the Air Handlers and Fan Coil Units to their factory condition. This will re-establish the proper airflow throughout the vessel and will also help to increase the energy-efficiency of the entire HVAC system.

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