Galley Hood Cleaning and Sanitization

Hood and Exhaust Cleaning in Yachts and Boats, Marine Galley Hood Cleaning

Regardless of the size or design of the galley, grease, moisture and smoke building up over time are definitely a fire hazard in any size yacht. These cooking effluents are drawn up through the galley hood, the filters and into the ductwork. If not properly cleaned and sanitized the galley hood poses a serious safety risk.

Bluestar Marine is a proud member of the National Fire Protection Association which require us to follow their rigorous standards of service and codes of practice (NFPA Code 96).

Our exclusive ATIS® cleaning technology (Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization™) allows our technicians to perform a proper cleaning and sanitization of the galley exhaust hood by removing the grease and flammable residues from the interior surfaces, filters, ductwork and exhaust blower fans in a safe and efficient way.

Additionally, our ATIS® machines were proven by a nationally accredited laboratory to eliminate disease-causing bacteria with a kill rate of 99.999%, which assures that your galley hood will be serviced correctly and also will be completely sanitized.