Air Duct Cleaning in Yachts and Boats, Marine Duct Cleaning

Air ducts in a poor and dirty condition onboard marine vessels provide an ideal breeding ground for mold, bacteria and musty odors and can cause great exposure to indoor air pollutants. Yachts and boats undergoing refit and even new constructions are surrounded by painting, varnishing, sanding, carpentry and metalwork among other activities that create dust, debris and other contaminants that will enter into the ductwork.

Our process involves the cleaning and sanitization of the supply and return air ducts (end-to-end) as an essential part of our protocol of services and it also includes all the other parts associated with the distribution of airflow throughout the vessel like the supply and return air plenums, air vents, air grilles and diffusers, extractor fans, transition boxes and louvered vents. It is extremely important to realize that air duct cleaning alone is not going to be effective. Failure to perform a comprehensive sanitation of all the other components of the vessel’s HVAC can result in re-contamination of the entire system.

EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) recommendations clearly state: “It makes no sense to clean duct-work if air handlers are left untouched. Air ducts deliver exactly what an air handler drives, and if the duct-work is dirty, so are the air handler’s guts.”

Unfortunately, in recent years we have first-hand witnessed the emergence of ‘overnight specialists’ within the yachting industry offering air duct cleaning and mold remediation services done in just a few hours. These types of practices can create a bigger mold spore spread and also can severely damage the air ducts and other parts of the system which would lead to high cost repairs.

At Bluestar Marine all of our lead technicians are licensed and NADCA certified (National Air Duct Cleaners Association), we only carry high-tech duct cleaning equipment and certified green decontamination formulas that are EPA registered and FDA approved for hospital-grade use.

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