Mold Inspection, Mold Remediation in Yachts, Boats and Marine Vessels

We believe it is very important to understand that all yachts and boats regardless of their age, size or built provide perfect conditions for mold growth due to high exposure to humidity, moisture and wide temperature differentials combined with an entangled ventilation system configuration and a complex construction.

Toxic and black mold spores release mycotoxins into the air, if these are inhaled or ingested they can cause adverse health reactions ranging from minor allergies, headaches and sinus to severe health issues. Also, a mold infestation can negatively affect not only the appearance of the vessel’s interior but also the condition and efficiency of any type of marine HVAC system.

In many occasions, if the issue is not remediated correctly and timely, a professional remediation is not going to fix the problem. There are times that wall panels, headliners, expensive furnishings, custom woodwork, carpeting, a/c equipment and even parts of the vessel’s structure need to be replaced because they have been severely damaged by the mold growth.

Our protocol of service focuses on getting mold levels back to normal/natural levels as well as on helping to prevent new mold colonies from forming. Our team of marine-expert-certified mold remediation specialists (MRSR) and ventilation system mold remediators (VSMR) will help with any small or large project no matter the size or shape of the vessel.

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